Doce Lip Scrubs

Doce Lip Scrubs


Doce Natural Lip Scrub is a mixed formula, made to exfoliate, and rid your lips of dry, dead skin. While being one of our many TOP and BEST selling products, this is an essential product for skincare and self-care routines! Its fine sugar in the lip scrubs buffs away dry flakes, rough skin, and dead skin to leave your lips feeling so fresh, smoothe & hydrated. Just gently apply, sit 2-5 minutes and rinse off with water!

 -Doce Lip Scrub formula highlights: - Honey, an amazing natural ingredient, to treat dark lips.  Also makes them soft.  -Coconut Oil - as a skin softener that contains high concentrations of Vitamin E.  -Shea Butter - perfect for any kind of chapped skin—which tends to be especially common on the lips, especially in the winterusage will help it heal.  -Avocado Oil –  plumping wrinkles and adding moisturization by releasing beneficial hyaluronic acid into the deeper layers of the lip while balancing natural oil levels. · Jojoba Oil -  helps heal and soothe dry lips.

--> Use Doce lip scrub each morning to relieve chapped, dry lips. 


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